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Statement on the
COVID-19 Outbreak

As we come together as a community, a city, and a country to protect each other and manage COVID-19, Northwestern Settlement has made the difficult decision to close all NUSH Programs starting Tuesday, March 17th, except for the Food Pantry. Program closures include Rowe Elementary and Middle School, After School, Early Childhood Education, Adventure Stage Theater, House In The Wood, and Family CARES.

Our Programs

Northwestern Settlement is comprised of a variety of programs and services, each providing a unique and valuable contribution to the Settlement’s mission. On their own, these programs offer enriching experiences and meet essential needs. Together, they are transforming communities.

Youth Outdoors
After School Program

AmeriCorps Project

Early Childhood

Family CARES Center

Food Pantry and 
Support services

House In The Wood

Rowe Elementary 

Rowe Elementary