This time of year is full of good-byes, big steps, and caps and gowns. Each June we confer diplomas on two graduating groups: our 8th-grade scholars at Rowe Elementary, and the five-year-olds in our Early Childhood Education program.

These two occasions are momentous for each age group and their families. Both mark new beginnings in the next phase of a child’s life. We are grateful to be here for both of those moments, and all the ones that come in between.

At this special time of year, as you watch your loved ones graduate from pre-K, kindergarten, middle school, high school, and college, think of what went into making these moments possible. It doesn’t come easy, and it doesn’t happen with the support of just one or two adults. It is through the support of a community, like Northwestern Settlement, there for the child and there for the parents and grandparents, with a hand up as the family goes on this journey together.

We hope you will think of our graduates this month and the ones who will follow in their footsteps, as you watch your own loved ones graduate. You can be a part of the community of support for our future graduates by making a donation today!

We feel blessed to be able to serve young people and their families through all the phases of life because of the support of individuals like you. It is our hope you will take a moment and make a donation in honor of someone in your life who is stepping from one phase to another – and help ensure we are here for those who need help steadying their hand as they open the door to their next great adventure.

Make a donation here.