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Vision and Approach

Our Vision

Northwestern Settlement is a dynamic and innovative leader in creating transformational opportunities for children and families to disrupt generational poverty.

We firmly believe that each succeeding generation should be better educated, more financially secure, and empowered to set and reach aspirational goals.

Since 1891, this has been our foundational purpose. Our mission has always remained the same: to NurtureEducate, and Inspire children and families in need, so they can take responsibility and attain self-sufficiency.

Our Approach

Uses the Settlement House Model, with a rich and unique historical philosophy and set of core values.

Creates a multilayered platform that focuses on key drivers of poverty: Isolation, Negative Influences, Conflict Resolution, Teamwork, Decision Making, and Access to Quality Education.

Uses evidence-based research to focus our programs. We measure our results to ensure we are delivering on Mission and Vision.